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Nhân viên kinh doanh

Material:                   High-Speed-SteelsHSS,  Powder-Metal-SteelsPM - HSS, Carbide

Outside diameter:  Φ10  Φ500

Length:                    Max.650

Quality:                    AA, A

Coating:                  Oerlikon - Balzers

Keyway:                  Longitudinal keyway;  Transverse keyway

Comdition:              Wet;  Dry;  Soft;  Hard

Struction:                Bore-type;  Shank-type


Involute gear hobs

Module: m0.2 ~ m45

Profile: Chamfer, Root fillet, Tip relief, Protuberance ,Toppingemi-topping  are possible        modifications that can be combined with each other.

Pre-shaving hobs,  Pre-grinding hobs, Pre-skiving hobs, Pre-finishing hobsPre-finishing, and so on.


We manufacture all kinds of hobs.


Solid HSS hobs

Soild Carbide hobs

Insert Blade hobs

Heavy duty rounging hob(2-system

Involut Spline hobs

involute Serration hobs

Parallel side spline hobs

Roller chain sprocket hobs

Belt wheels hobs

Ratchet-type(locking wheels) hobs

Skiving gear hobs

Solid carbide hobs

Small diameter hobs with multi-gashes

Single-position hobs


Worm-gear hobs

Flank profile:  ZK,  ZI,  ZN,  ZK,  ZC

Struction:  Bore type;  Shank type

Shank-type Hobs


Worm-gear hobs

Rack-gear Hobs

Solid carbide hob

Single end transverse keyway hob

Large-diameter solid hob

Heavy duty roughing hob (2-system)

Smaller diamter hob with multi-gashes

Parallel side spline hob

Roller chain sproket hob


Belt pulley hob


Double-arc gear hob

Skiving gear hob

Interrupted  hob


Pre-shaving gear hobs

Mã: Pre-shaving gear hobs

Dry-cut hobs

Mã: Dry-cut hobs

Roller chain sprocket hob

Mã: Roller chain sprocket hob

Pre-grinding gear hob with 2 - system

Mã: Pre-grinding gear hob with 2 - system